Welcome Message

You are cordially welcome to the Department of Cyber Security and Computer Engineering Technology (DCSCET) where your academic life will never be the same and gaining knowledge is a necessity. The department has thought-provoking, modern and marketable programmes that have synchronized meshed academic knowledge and industrial practice and demand. It is geared towards a full blend of the academic knowledge acquired in the lecture room using modern, cutting-edge technology and tools to resolve the numerous challenges confronting us as a people to enhance industrial and socio-economic advancement. DCSCET offers you the opportunity to learn and be exposed to the real-life of work by making industrial attachment and taking up of projects per identified challenges a must.
Your regret will only be that you did not come early for a programme in the Department of Cyber Security and Computer Engineering Technology. Once again, you are cordially invited to the department where learning is a joyous and exciting endeavor.

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